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Choosing a Swim Spa

Getting the best choice for a swimming is a great task given the fact that there are many swim spas offering the same services. Swim Spa Authority have the best spas and we are proud to provide these swim spa services to a lot of customers and clients. We offer swimming spas which leave our customers very physically fit such that they come over and over again and also come with their friends.


Classification of swim spas

Swim spas are classified into three major groups, these include; exercise swimming pools with only counter currents and no spa characteristics, spa and counter current with two volumes of water that are separate and the last one being the spa and counter with the same volume of water. Swim Spa Authority has all the above swim spas and each has its own different types of clients.


Benefits of swim spas

We at Swim Spa Authority prefer swim spas over the traditional swimming pools due to some many advantages that come with these pools. Some of the benefits of having a swim spa include; reduced power costs, these mainly due the fact that swim spas are well insulated and thus able to maintain constant temperature foe a long time. Swim spas also got low maintenance compared to the conventional swimming pools which must be checked almost each day. The modern swim spas are fixed with modern filtration mechanism and the latest models of corona discharge ozone systems which require less effort to be maintained. The best thing about swim spas in your home is that they can be relocated to a different place in case you relocated to another place.

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Swim Spa Authority deals in installation of different types of swimming spas, the most popular that Swim Spa Authority deals in are the swim spas with spa jets and also counter current in a single volume of water. With these swim spa you can be able to use the spa ends of the spa without having to leave the water. The swim spa can also have one person swimming while the other is relaxing at the end with the hot spa jets, it is mostly installed by couples or young families. These type of swim spas can accommodate up to seven people. One of the main drawbacks of these type of swim spas is the temperature the swimming temperature and the relaxing spa temperatures are not the same. The temperature for a swimming session is very low since the swimming activity produces a lot of warmth and heat from your body thus no need for the temperatures like those in swimming spa which is being used for relaxation.

There are also some pools which have counter current swim spas which use separate volumes of water making them better for people who love swimming and their partners re doing relaxing. These types of spas have a modification where you can be able to regulate the spa temperatures for both the relaxing and swimming functions. You can do a vigorous swimming and then regulate the swimming spa to the levels of a level that is recommended for a relaxation session.

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